Intel Just Registers Two New Company Logos

12th-gen processors will abandon the recently introduced LGA 1200 socket, which released alongside Comet Lake, in favour of a new LGA 1700 socket.

Do not worry if you are planning to obtain an 11th-gen Rocket Lake CPU next year, however –we are aware that the new 400-series motherboards support the chips.

After announcing that its 7mn process will endure a six-month delay, chip rival AMD saw its share cost overtake Chipzilla’s. Additionally, the business is facing a class-action lawsuit for fraud.

Likely a shortened version of development and may refer to the CPUs that are hybrid. Much like Arm’s big.LITTLE design, they combine efficient cores with cores.

Anticipate Evo to debut in the Alder Lake-S processors slated at 2021’s next quarter. The battery life of notebooks could massively improve if all goes to plan.

Squares will be the theme of the afternoon, with a sitting outside the bottom right corner of the main Intel logo. And while all of those logos to go using a grey/black/white colour scheme, the Intel Inside logo in shades of blue with white text.

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