Google Is Adding Pin Encrypted Android Safe Folder To Protects Documents

Google has introduced a new method to shield launched. The new Safe Folder feature is available in beta and will Endeavor but the program that is convenient is readily available for Roster out to users over the subsequent weeks.

According to Google’s Next Billion Users product group, sharing a private device with partners, siblings or children is often a cultural expectation, particularly for girls.

To that end, it established the attribute for parents who discuss their phones with their children for play or learning, or folks who need to securely store identity documents.

Called Safe Folder and located in the Files by Google program, it permits you to protect documents, pictures, videos, and sound files using a 4-digit PIN code, on top of your Android lock display security.

Received documents, programs, pictures, video, sound, and files, it offers Deleted more than 1 trillion files of a digital jumble.

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